Friday, June 8, 2012

I have enjoyed having my oldest granddaughter, Jessi, over yesterday and today.  We have done everything we could for fun, movies together, lots of food, soda, more food, more movies, and lots of laughs.  We have done a few projects too.

I took my new leggings off too early yesterday and put them on too late today. So, now my legs have started to swell again.  It is just going to take more time to get used to them. And to allow time to put them on.

I want to make sure my readers understand, when I argue with God, it is not in disrespect.  Nor am I alone in doing so.  Great men of the Bible also argued with God.  Some even "changed" God's mind when He was angry with Israel. I do not feel guilty in my conversations with God.  I have peace and release after our discussions.  Some of my decisions have been very difficult of late. His still small voice of direction have been comforting.

My husband and daughter have both been gone to church camp this week.  I have enjoyed the quiet house and the opportunity to get this accomplished.  However, one project, finished last night, has had a catastrophe this morning.  But there is nothing I can do now except wait for Mike to come home and help.

Well, now it's time to get off the pc and get to work.  I have about 4 1/2 hours left to finish everything before they get home.  Plus enough time to pick up Mom to bring her here for SNO.

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