Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Copper Tubing Jewelry

I made a new bracelet today. I actually started it last night and finished it today. I even put a patina on it. Looks pretty good if I do so myself!

I even started another one tonight. I will finish it a little different. I'll play with other stones or more wirewrapping. What do you think about it? You can see more of my pieces at This one is in the photo album titled December items.

I enjoy the pounding and experimenting with the copper. I am also learning a bit as I go. Copper wire will lengthen as you hammer it, but copper tubing won't as much. So, I need to cut the tubing close to the length I really want. The 2nd piece needs trimmed. Once that is done and the ends filed, I will play with finishing it off.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fancy Fashions by Laura

I am going to try to convert this blog to be about my jewelry rather than my personal life. After this post. I am working on a song to sing in church called "Where's the Line to See Jesus?" It's a beautiful song and I would love for you all to hear it! Once I have it down and sing it at church, I will try to add it to my FB page. If I can add it here I will.
Now, jewelry. I found I love working with wire, particularly copper! I love the feel of it. I love twisting and pounding it! That can really work out frustrations as long as you keep your fingers out of the way! :)
I sold my favorite 2 copper bracelets at my last show. I was sad to see them go! So, I guess I will have to make me a few new favorites. I like that my hubby enjoys going to the hardware store with me. He is surprised at what I pick out for my jewelry. I haven't even gotten into anything outrageous yet.
I hope to start being a better blogger! I also hope you all enjoy reading my blogs. Please feel free to leave comments. Good ones of course.