Friday, July 13, 2012

This whole week has been difficult physically and emotionally.  I thought it was just the weather and air pressure.  Of course the stress and mess from the compression garments and my therapy (or lack of it this week).  But today's activity put the last connection to it all.

It was 3 years ago that my dad was assaulted and his arm broken while he was in the hospital.  Today was the final payment of that settlement.  We officially dismissed our lawyers today.  Do we feel better? No. Not at all.  We are glad and relieved that it is over.  But not happy in the least. My father died 15 months ago.

One thing we pray for is that our fight is making a difference for others.  My dad had family to fight for him and his rights to be treated properly.  But there are many, many others that don't have that resource.  I hope we made a difference.  I hope we shouted loud enough and long enough that others will not be mistreated and abused.

I sometimes wish I could check up on them in the future to be sure the changes are continued.  If you have a loved one in the nursing home or hospital, please don't leave it up to the staff to take care of them.  You MUST check on them continually.  Make sure they are not being abused.  They may have no one else in their corner.  I'm glad I was there for Dad.  It just wasn't quite in time.  There was nothing I could do to prevent his injuries, but I did catch them and forced the hospital to admit the liability and make changes.

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