Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation Bible School

We had VBS this last week. We also kept our grandsons, ages 4 months and 3 years. What a week! Jeni had surgery on Monday and was unable to handle the boys for several days. So, Mawmaw and Pop took them in. Wednesday Aunt Rachael took them home and stayed to help there.
VBS theme was Passport to the Promised Land. It went like a well-oiled machine! It was our first VBS at this church. It was awesome. Everyone did their part. There were extra folks to fill-in where needed. One small boy gave his life to Christ. AWESOME!
Now we have today off and doing only what we want.
We also celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary last Thursday during VBS.
I made a new bracelet. Sodalite and Swarovski crystals. Nice looking. Great to wear with jeans. Of course that is what I made it for...jeans.
Have a show coming up in July so I need to get busy and make more jewelry.
Picked up some more Swarovski crystals today. 2 mm rounds in crystal-AB. 1 gross is less than a teaspoon!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another busy month!

I have made more jewelry. Check out the new pieces in my ArtFire shop! I also have some different pieces in my Etsy shop.
I have been fighting with my health insurance company for 3 full weeks. It has been very frustrating. They cancelled us for "non-payment". I told them it was there. They couldn't find it. Of course it is up to me to prove I am right. I had to make sure the payment had arrived to them by the 24th of the month. So....I went to my bank account. There it showed the payment was complete and taken from my account.
I photo copied the front and back of the check like I was told and faxed it to the insurance company. The back of the check shows that it was in the hands of the insurance co. on or before the 23rd of the month. I also sent a note making it clear that I wanted my insurance reinstated immediately. I really needed my meds.
They said it would take 24-48 hours for it all to happen. I went to the pharmacy 72 hours later, wanted to be sure and allow extra time. No insurance. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I called again. "No, we haven't seen a fax". I told them it was sent and I had confirmation it went thru.
For 2 and a half weeks we went thru this on a daily basis. What a headache! They were basically calling me a liar, saying not only was a payment not received, nor was a fax. I tried to talk to a supervisor. I left 3 voice mails for her. Her voice mail says she will return the call as soon as possible. Well, it is over 3 weeks later and still no return call. Surprise, surprise.
After 2 weeks of telephone conversations that ended in nothing being accomplished, I was told to send the fax again. I did. Along with a copy of the original fax and confirmation sheet and a copy of my phone log with them.
I called the next day. "no, there is no fax". Talk about frustration! I called again the next day. Yes, we see the fax. Hurray! Well, it will take 24-48 hours, again, to fix it. Right. It took a few more calls and 5 more days. Finally got our prescriptions. I called my doctor for an appointment because I was experiencing a lot of edema in my feet and ankles.
Well, guess what! The clinic said the insurance wasn't in effect. Good grief! I called them right there in the office. What a mess! She said it was hung up in channels, but I was covered. I had her tell the clinic. The clinic was very good about it all and very understanding. Apparently this insurance company does this kind of thing a lot.
In the end, I am filing a complaint to the Insurance Commission and the Health Authority. No one should be treated this way. I was right, proved and still had to prove it again, because their office was inept.