Friday, October 31, 2008

First Day of this blog

Well, let's see what I can do here today. I have been on this pc all day it seems. I update my Etsy site yesterday. Today I updated my Freewebs site. I also did a few comments on Facebook. I need to find a better picture for that one. I am also on Bead-Space. This is similar to My Space. Maybe I will get on that one too.

I am currently working on some netted ornament covers for my Christmas shows. I have 2 patterns I am using. I did change the patterns up some. I wasn't thrilled with the way the original pattern turned out. I am getting much better at this. Although, I must admit, the beads are tiny.


I saw on another blog that if you include "food" in your blog, it will get more hits. So, here it is. lol

That is it for now. I really need to get back to work.