Friday, February 12, 2010

Doctors and more doctors and tests and more tests

Good grief. One doctor after another. I see a doctor on the average of 2 per week. I get poked, prodded, squished, xrayed, and so on. Some appointments are good. Like my infusion...I am happy to go get that one. It makes me feel good, well better, for 3 weeks. The forth week, let's just say don't leave home without lortabs. For that matter, don't stay home without lortabs!
Lately, I have had 3 biopsies and one culture done. All 4 tests have come back negative for whatever...negative mostly for infection. But...something is wrong. It's just that no one knows what it is! If you don't know what it is, how can you treat it?

I was given a steroid cream to use on a rash, actually 3 different ones. All three rash locations were different, yet something the same. The tests showed no fungus, no infection, nothing. So, the steroid cream didn't work. Then it was the anti-fungal cream. Still not working. Then the anti-fungal pill...may be working. But I am not sure on that one.

So, what in the world is going on with my body?

Earlier this week I had a stress test. First they said, chemical and not a treadmill. I get there and they decide the treadmill. I am leery about this. I know my limitations. But, I did make it through...barely. Then today, the dreaded mammogram. Strip from the waist up and put this sheet over your shoulders. Then walk down the hall to the exam room. Then throw the sheet over your shoulder to expose yourself. Then has the tech adjust the machine to just the right height. You need to stand in an awkward position, and she manually lifts one breast to the lower platform of the machine. Holds it there while lowering the top platform until you are compressed completely. Then she runs and hides behind the safety glass, tells you to hold your breath until the machine is done taking your picture. Afterward, she lets you stand there until she is sure the photo is clear. Then, she turns you, positions the other breast on the wretched machine, lowers the compression plate, then takes her position as the machine again takes your picture. All done! NO! The machine is then set to a 45* angle and you start over with each side. Only this time the machine hangs up on my IV port! Stop, reposition, start again.
I despise this test! I know it has it's place, but not for me! The other exam is next month. It is also humiliating.

I wanted my husband to go with me today, because I wanted him to see what I had to go through so he would understand why I hated it. "Big deal, it's just an xray!" But he was too busy. Rather convienent I think. So, I am going to find a vice and 2 plates, one metal and the other acryllic. Just like mine were. Then I am going carefully place his parts in the vice and snap a few pictures...of his contorted face!

I will insist on the next one though. He thinks it is terrible to have a prostate exam 2-3 times in his life. Poor baby. What does he think we women go through every year, and then multiple times when pregnant?!

Don't get me wrong. I love my husband dearly! We have been married 32 years. But, he needs to really understand a few things. I think I have been patient long enough. Time for him to see what I do to try to stay healthy for him.