Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How do you fight depression?

Having more than one chronic illness and chronic pain, I am susceptible to depression. I have known this, but it was brought to my attention again by my primary doctor. She suggested medication. I politely told her...not yet.

Yes, I do get depressed. Everyone does. I probably more so than most normal people. So why not take the meds? After all, what is one more pill? It is one more pill! I get depressed when I hurt, or am so swollen I can barely move, or when I am exhausted. These things happen every day. I also get depressed when we have financial trouble. I get depressed when everything hits me at once.

How do you personally handle your depression? Got any secrets to it? Do you take the drugs? I mean, many people have to. They wouldn't be able to function without the medication. That's ok.

Personally, I have found a number of ways to handle my depression when it hits hard. As a Christian, the first thing is to pray. But that isn't the end of it.
1. Pray
2. I have my grandkids around. They are so happy and lively. It wears me out, but it makes me happy!
3. Church. Sometimes it is difficult to get ready physically and emotionally. But, once I am at church I get encouraged by everyone I see and visit with. I go home elated.
4. Serving others. Yes, service to someone else is a big lift. It's a feel-good time. Helping by visiting, working together, or just holding their hands. I hate hospitals. But I like the way I feel after visiting someone there. If I can make them feel better, it makes me feel better.
5. Comedy. I love to watch good, clean comedy. It has to be clean and it has to be good! If it is just dorky, it isn't good. Or read a good humorous book. I have two favorite humorous authors...Rene Gutteridge and Liz Curtis Higgs. They just do wonders for me! Most of the good comedic movies for me are animated..."Happy Feet" is one.
6. Shopping. Now this one can be expensive. But it doesn't have to be. Even if we are broke I can usually scrounge up $10 or so. Then I can shop as long as I can without pain and be particular about what I am looking for. Sometimes it is just a bouquet of flowers or a box of cookies. Sometimes it will get me a shirt. Sometimes it will be for a gift to someone else. But shopping is good therapy.

So, what do you do for your depression?