Sunday, July 8, 2012

So much has happened in the last 3 weeks.  I am beginning to accept and maybe even appreciate my new bindings known as compression garments.  Not totally, but beginning.  I am finally comfortable wearing my slacks to church.  Sometimes I still hesitate.  There are still some things I am trying to adjust to...compression capris, exercises 3x daily, self clearing 3x daily, and massage 3x weekly.  I am not against those things (except maybe the capris), but it all is a huge change in my daily routine.  I have all but quit going to the YMCA.  Mostly because it is time consuming to get dressed again after the pool.

I only do the exercises once daily right now. They are painful as any new exercise routine is. But they are getting easier. Mike does them with me at night and that helps. I hope to add the 2nd daily session by the end of this week. Maybe by the end of the month I can add the 3rd session. The clearing of the lymph glands  is still once daily most days. I need to push myself to do it 3x daily. That part is forgetfulness  usually.  This is the first week that we are to do the massages 3x weekly. Tonight will be the 3rd time.  This takes an hour.  The clearing takes 15 minutes or so and has to be done each time before the garments are put on. Then 2 more times in the day. Mike helps once daily then I do the rest. The arthritis makes this a little difficult to do by myself so it takes a little longer for me.  But I am adjusting.

God promises I can do it all...with His help and guidance.

I have also been doing taxes and working on my website.  And scheduling jewelry shows for the fall.  I have a show this Saturday here locally, one next month, and one in September. I am also planning to put a few copper pieces in a shop in Claremore, OK later this week. I have rings in a shop in Bethany, OK right now. I am praying for good sales to be able to purchase some high dollar tools and a workbench.

Today was a great day in the house of God, church.  Afterward, I took a nap as usual for Sundays.  It is also the day I treat myself. I take all the compression off and leave it off until Monday morning. Yes, the swelling comes back, but my legs are free for a few hours. :D   That makes the end of Sunday a great day to follow the great morning.

Please visit my website too.  It is still under construction, but partially functional.

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