Monday, December 13, 2010

Fancy Fashions by Laura

I am going to try to convert this blog to be about my jewelry rather than my personal life. After this post. I am working on a song to sing in church called "Where's the Line to See Jesus?" It's a beautiful song and I would love for you all to hear it! Once I have it down and sing it at church, I will try to add it to my FB page. If I can add it here I will.
Now, jewelry. I found I love working with wire, particularly copper! I love the feel of it. I love twisting and pounding it! That can really work out frustrations as long as you keep your fingers out of the way! :)
I sold my favorite 2 copper bracelets at my last show. I was sad to see them go! So, I guess I will have to make me a few new favorites. I like that my hubby enjoys going to the hardware store with me. He is surprised at what I pick out for my jewelry. I haven't even gotten into anything outrageous yet.
I hope to start being a better blogger! I also hope you all enjoy reading my blogs. Please feel free to leave comments. Good ones of course.

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