Saturday, June 9, 2012

I am really happy to have my family home.  They came in last night all worn out, but we still had activities scheduled.  I think we went to bed around 11 pm and crashed.

Today, I once again, unloaded the clothes from the closet. We pulled out the pipe rod.  It is nearly 8' long.  And bent in two.  Mike is going to ask a welder if he can straighten it tomorrow.  In the meantime, all the clothes on my bed must now be the couch this time.  I really prefer to sleep in my bed than on the floor.

The other projects are complete and look great.

Next week I have a lot of paperwork and computer work to do.  I am hoping to get time to work on some jewelry orders.  I have a couple repairs to do and a larger order to do.  I need to also look for shows for the Summer.

I go to therapy on Wednesday.  We will see then if we are ready for them to teach us the massage for my legs and the lymphedema.

For tonight however, I still need to make dinner for tomorrow.  Today was a good day.  And God is always good.

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