Saturday, June 16, 2012

Days like today I hate the pain.  It is so difficult to do simple household chores without pain.  Bending causes back pain.  This is not from the lupus or arthritis.  It is degenerative disk disease, torn disk and bulging disks. I can't sweep at all and vacuuming is difficult.

I don't like being dependent for these things.  But my house needs cleaned.  I don't like waiting for someone else to do it in their time.  When I want it done, I want it done now. Or at least soon.

I need my kitchen floor cleaned.  I know she will do it, but I've waited all week.  She's been busy, but I am ready for it to be done.  Maybe I will take pain meds, let them work and just do it myself.

Can't stoop or kneel either.  No squatting. How in the world am I supposed to get it done?

Days like this aggravate me with me.  Maybe God is trying to teach me to rely on Him as well as others.  I am after all, at His mercy.  And the helpfulness of family.

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