Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Final thoughts for 2008

Well, Christmas Eve was definately interesting. Dad "ran away" from mom while at Walmart. She has him wait for her in the McDonald's with a cup of coffee while she does a little quick shopping. Well, I guess he got tired of waiting on her because he walked out of the store!
She called me after she had looked thru the store, called security to look and so on. I called my kids and we all converged on Walmart to search for Dad.
Security checked the cameras and show he had walked out of the store at 10:36 am. That was 45 minutes before we got there. We called the police. I could just picture us on the 6:00 news. I called my brother and sister who live in other states. I know they couldn't help search, but they could pray.
BTW, dad has dementia.
Anyway, within a few minutes the police called back. They found him walking down the median of a 6 lane busy expressway! They asked where he was headed and he guessed McDonald's would be good. They took him to a different McD's that was close. He was about 1/4 mile from where he had started!
Dad had no clue he "was lost". He apologized for causing trouble and just didn't understand why all the fuss. Mom took him home and put him to bed for a nap. He doesn't remember a thing.
Thank God he was alright and safe.

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