Monday, December 1, 2008

Shows, shows, shows

This is my Ruby and Pearl bracelet...yes, real rubies! This is my Sapphire and Pearl bracelet. My birthstone.
These are my black diamonds. The picture isn't so great, but the sparkle is! I haven't decided how to make these up yet. I am sure it will be a bracelet.

This is my first born...Ben. He turned 30! He even has a few gray hairs. Happy Birthday son.

What a busy week. Again!
This last week I had a 2-day show in Norman, OK. It was really slow on Friday, but Saturday picked up a bit. I finished off 2 special orders for Ornament covers. They are already delivered. I have a watch to size for a new customer. This week I have another show...Lake Park Elementary Holiday Market. I have not done this one before, but have heard by all that it is a great one!

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