Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grandbabies! Jewelry!!

There is nothing in this world better than loving on my grandbabies! Jeni went to the hospital this week in pre-term labor. That meant Gramma and Papa got to keep Collin overnight. He has such an infectious giggle! Doc was able to give Jeni meds to stop the contractions and sent her home. Little Nico needs to stay in the "oven" a bit longer.
Last week we had Collin on Thursday, then Jesse, Kaylee and Izzie on Friday. Course Izzy didn't stay all night.
Jesse and Kaylee enjoy making their own jewelry at Gramma's. I keep a box of beads and stretch cord just for them. I think this summer we will work with the "real" stuff. They sure enjoy it.
I have some chalcedony and pearls coming. I can't wait to get them. I am trying to decide on doing a Valentine's show. It would be at the business mall again. If the pearls come in time, then I think I can do it.
I just love working with the pearls. All I need is a few hundred dollars to buy lots of pearls and accessory beads. Oh yea, I have a sterling silver order coming too. Although I don't think it will be in time.

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