Friday, November 14, 2008

More jewelry

These are a few pair of the Christmas Tree Earrings I have made. I love the fun colors as well as the traditional colors. Later on I will try to show you my own Precious Gems I have used for my own jewelry. I have a Saphire and Pearl bracelet and a Ruby and Pearl bracelet. My Black Diamonds just came in and I am busy playing with them. When I decide how I want to make them up, I will take a picture and upload it.
I have another craft show this weekend. It is at the Edmond North High School. I am looking forward to it. However, it is time now for me to go home and have a cup of hot cocoa. Made the mix myself. I have made 4 batches of cocoa so far this season and it isn't even winter yet. I did manage to keep a little bit of it for myself. It is chilly out today, so I thought I would fix a cup.

This is an ornament cover I designed myself. It really was an accident, but I like it. In fact I made a red and gold one just like it last night. Not all my pictures turned out though.

This one is the ornament I started at last week's craft show. I finished it afterward. I like the colors. Again, the picture isn't the greatest.

I made serveral package earrings. I have earthy colors and Christmas Colors. Some of the bows are Sterling Silver, some are pewter.

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