Monday, November 17, 2008

A good weekend

This was a really good weekend. My show did fair. I sold a few things here and there. Church was great! Had loads of people that haven't been in a while. The children's classes were overflowing! The weather was cold but clear. The moon was high a bright and BIG.

I went to the Dermatologist today. He said my skin is so much better that he reduced that particular med by half! One less pill to take daily. Yea!
Next week I think I have two doctor appointments. One, I don't think will be so pleasant. Ugh. But, I shall live through it.

We finished our Beth Moore study, "Jesus, the One and Only" tonight. It is an inspiring, awesome study. We are going to take a break this next month and start a new study in January. I don't know what yet.

Made some tortilla soup tonight. Good stuff. Added some corn and taco meat to the mix to make it even better. I'm thinking it will be gone soon!

Stay tuned. I will post more jewelry photos soon. Maybe in a day or two. If I can get a clear picture of my Black Diamonds, I will post it.

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