Monday, April 4, 2011

New Pieces to Show Off

I have had some down time lately and here is some of what I've done. 

 Deshutes Jasper from Cabbing Rough.
Deshutes Jasper from Cabbing Rough. 

This is another Jasper. 
I left this one in the tumbler a little too long.  But I am leaving the wire with a worn look. 
It is made with Gold Parawire.

This is, I think, Rhodocrosite.  I wrapped it with Gold Parawire as well.
This is
SpiderWeb Carnelian.  Some may call it Fire Agate. I've wrapped this with bare Copper wire.

I think this is Turquoise Jasper.  It's wrapped with Silver Parawire.

This is a Turquoise Bead from Magpie Gemstones.  I wrapped it simply with bare copper.

Woven Cross made with Lapis Lazuli chips.

Woven Cross with tiny Turquoise Nuggets.The Turquoise is from

Beautiful Wire Woven ring with Garnet Rondelles from

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