Saturday, March 19, 2011

New name!

I've changed the name of my business from Fancy Fashions by Laura to "Inspired Wire Jewelry".  I wanted something a little more professional sounding.  How do you like it?

It is definitely a lot of work to make the change!  Fanning in Facebook, changing the blog, closing old stores and opening new ones!  Then calling the Tax people to tell them of the change, new business cards and banners.  And creating a website.  Which I have not done yet!

Also, my daughter Rachael is on a Missions Trip to Kenya.  Specifically Kibera.  World's worst poverty stricken area.  So, I am having an auction on Facebook to help raise funds.  And all proceeds from my shops, old and new, will go toward her next trip to Columbia.  That trip will be this summer for 3 weeks.  It is a work-study for college.  We are still needing to raise $2200. 

Here are the links to the shops and the auction!  Come on in and shop!  And help support Rachael.

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DianesDangles said...

Thank you for posting on my blog: I edited your title description to emphasize your daughter's mission. Good luck to your daughter, how generous of her to do this.