Monday, January 10, 2011

Playing with Copper Sheet

Last week I bought a small piece of copper sheet from the hardware store. I also picked up supplies to do a little etching. I found out a few things as I played with both.
1. This particular sheet is the wrong gauge for what I want. It is too thin. But it is the only gauge at the store. Now to shop around until I find what I am looking for.
2. I need much better metal snips. The ones I am using (hubby's) are too ragged in the cutting. The edges are very rough. I know a hydraulic press would be great, but that is not it the budget right now.
3. I love using the sharpies as a resist. The finer point sharpies don't offer enough resist to suit me though. I may just need to go over it a 2nd time. I do want to try the PnP (press and peel paper). 4. My drawing skills leave a bit to be desired. Maybe with some practice on paper I will do a better job.
5. The acid bath was easy to use. I would like to try the D battery and salt water, but that will be later. I have plenty of the acid on hand. I tend to use up the old before buying new.

I am really having fun with the copper though. So I am going to continue playing and creating with it. For now I need to improve my tools, drawing ability and clean up my space. I also need to re-organize my studio. I did that last year, but that was before I was using a torch. The acid bath is done in the garage and I would like a small spot for that out there. I am just not sure Mike would be willing to allow me a small spot!
When I have a piece finished completely, I will post it in my shops. or
Stay tuned for more fun with copper!

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