Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Week

Rachael is home this week. She got in just before our snow storm...hopefully the last one of the season! It's been beautiful weather.
I was able to get my infusion this week too. I am so glad. It gives me 2 and a 1/2 to 3 good weeks physically.
Sunday was my Father-in-Law's 40 year at Grace Baptist Church. It was an awesome and inspiring service. All the kids and most of the grands and greats were there. Several fellow preachers were there as well. Lots of special music too. Not from me though, I am still working on my lungs getting better. I got carried away while we were all singing "It is Well with my Soul". I love that song, but I ended up having an asthma attack because of it. Oh well, it was worth it all.
Tonight we watched Jesse perform her last vocal concert as an elementary student. She is growing up far too quick! They all are!
Nico and Collin spent the night this week too. Nico is so funny. I would start coughing and he'd mock me, then laugh. It was so cute! Collin enjoys hiding and tents. He's a hoot to watch.
Next week I see my PCP and Mom gets her cataract surgery. I know she is anxious. I am excited for her. I know it will help her vision quite a bit.
This was a good week. I praise God for it!

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