Monday, August 17, 2009


A lot has happened since my last blog.
An Administrative investigation is nearly finished. I wouldn't want to be the guilty. The criminal investigation is ongoing. It will be nastier.
Dad's arm is getting better. He should begin therapy next week sometime. His lungs are improving as well. He is eating a pureed diet. Looks like...well, it could be better, but they try. His behavior is better as well. They said he was singing to some oldies on the radio Sunday. Knew the words too.
The Social Worker is trying to find Dad a SNF...Skilled Nursing Facility.
There is a video of Dad being assulted without his provocation. That is just arrogant and sadistic.
We are leaving to take Rachael back to school tomorrow. I hope she is ready to leave on time...noon!
I have a few things to do in the am before we leave, but shouldn't take long.

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