Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Nights

What do you do on Saturday nights? Tonight is a tiring night after a long hard work day at a craft show. It was a good show. Indoors finally instead of outdoors. We didn't have to fight the wind at all! Wonderful! Sales were ok too. That always helps. But now is down time. Mike is watching a war show and I am on the pc. We did eat dinner together! Pizza. Mike is such a good cook. :)

I have been working with copper wire lately. I really enjoy it. I'll post pictures here soon...I hope. But if all else fails, you can find them on Facebook/FancyFashions. The wire is really different. The heavy gauges need annealed before working with them. Annealing is heating. Mike likes to take me took shopping so long as I am spending my own money. He did buy me a tumbler for my birthday. :)

Mom and I have been having Friday dates. I pick her up while she has a sitter with Dad. We go to lunch then shopping, running, or whatever. We only have 3 hours to be gone. She has been making fingerless gloves for my shows and she is selling quite a few! I am happy for her. She is excited about our M/D dates! I am too. I am not much of huggy, touchy feely, but I am enjoying my time with Mom. I visit with Dad when he is awake. But more and more he is sleeping the day away. His aggression is getting worse and more frequent so he needs to take his meds a little more often.

Mike's Dad has had a triple by-pass and then a mild stroke. He is healing slowly. Mike's Mom has finally been diagnosed with Alzheimer's this last week. We knew she had it, but now it is official. She has worsened a lot over the last year. We all need prayer in one way or another.

Rachael is in her 3rd year at BBC. I think she is more homesick this year than before. But, I am very proud of her. She will be a great servant for the Lord!

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